Friday, 14 November 2008


This is what my gorgeous bathroom looks like now! Okay, on a normal day, you'd see toothbushes etc on show, a make shift mirror resting on the sink, various kids' toys near the bath and the toilet roll sitting on the edge of the bath!! I still haven't bought the loo roll holder and towel hooks!!! I need to sand and paint the door and arhitraves, finish the built in cupboard, make the cabinet and also decide on the lighting! At the moment we have a bulb hanging from the ceiling!! I really shoud hurry up and finish it all as I still have the living room to renovate! But I promised myself not to start a new project until I completely finish the bathroom AND the kitchen! Plans for the living room include lots of built in storage and a big flat screen TV! ;)

Thursday, 13 November 2008


Yeah, my bathroom made it onto the cover of Livingetc!! Well, not quite, but I'm just as happy!! Thank you sooo much Griffo!!

Unfortunately the bathroom still isn't finished!! I still have to make the bathroom cabinet and finish the cupboard for the washing machine. Will post more pics tomorrow!

Thanks again Griffo!!