Friday, 13 November 2009


As if I don't have enough on the go already!!!!
But I can't help myself!! I love starting projects!!

Before I forget - Update on the bathroom cabinet - we now have the mirrors on the doors!!! All I need now is to buy the lights. I'll post a pic when it's 100% finished!!

Okay so the new project is for the boys' room! Even though they have a whole wall of cupboards they still need more storage! Well Alex does. He sleeps in the top bunk bed and has one long shelf above his bed. It's always got lots of toys and bits and pieces on it and it looks a mess!!! Also books seem to slide off it! The bunk beds are in an alcove which is about 20cms wider than the beds.
I'll take a pic of it soon but here's an idea of what it's like at the moment....

And this is what I have in mind....

Cupboards for storing mess and shelves for books!!

Seeing as I have the living room project to start soon I wanted this new project to be quick and easy. Two days ago I went to Ikea and bought the doors (pack of 2 for €14 - Effektiv) then yesterday I bought the wood and today I put it all together!!!
How's that for quick and easy!! It still needs sanding and painting and then I need to add the handles and the little thingies that stop the doors from going in too much.

Here's 2 pics from today....

Tomorrow I'm getting out my trusty little sander!!!