Thursday, 3 July 2008

DAY 29....

What a day!!!

Well lots got done today. I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel! Almost!

First thing this morning the guy called to give me the price of the worktop which was actually less than I expected, although still alot of money! He also told me that it wouldn't be ready until Wednesday!!! Poop!

Then Salvatore realised that the fridge wasn't the one that we ordered!! Yesterday when it all arrived I was so busy looking at everything else that I didn't even notice! So after a small arguement on the phone, Raimondo (kitchen guy) agreed to change it. There is a cost involved and he's not sure when the new fridge will arrive. Double poop!!

After I went to pick up the wood and mdf that I ordered last week to make the washing machine cupboard frame and doors, guess what?! Not ready! Not even started! It was on their to-do-list for NEXT week! I really had to restrain myself from exploding in anger and frustration. Triple poop!!!

So even though I'm having a really poopy day things did progress here in my little flat. Alessandro finished all the electrical stuff - my blinds go up and down at the push of a button - the downlights are in and look great - and all the light switches and plugs are working. Stefano touched up the paint work in kitchen and bathroom, fixed the skirting boards, attached the shelf/ledge under the window in the bathroom, sealed the sink, loo and bidet with silicone and finished off a few other odd jobs.

Then just after lunch I got a call from the worktop guy - Worktops arriving tomorrow morning!! I have no idea what made him change his mind, I'm just really glad he did! Yeah!

Next a call from Raimondo - fridge and dishwasher arriving tomorrow morning too! Double yeah!!

To make things even better the man I nearly assaulted in the wood shop calls to tell me he personally has cut all my wood and mdf ! Triple yeah!!!

At this point I felt like dancing, all seemed to be working out well, then Alessandro called me into bathroom to show me that my gorgeous super shower enclosure didn't fit properly on the shower tray and that it is taller than the height of the tiles! Quick call to Sandro (bathroom shop guy) who assured me that it should definately fit. And yes, it DOES fit, they were putting it on wrong!! I wish they hadn't scared me like that! But the problem of the height remains! The only solution is add another row of tiles above the shower. I don't particulary like this solution but I think it's my only option! Compromises!

Sorry about this long boring post. I'll make up for it tomorrow with a whole lot of pics of my hopefully (almost) finished kitchen and bathroom!!!

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