Saturday, 9 May 2009


Haven't had time to draw up the proper plans so just did a real quick pic to give you an idea of what I have in mind.

Originally a smaller TV was in an Ikea unit on the wall to the right. That has already been dismantled. There used to be shelves on the wall where the huuuuge new TV is now. BTW, I had imagined the new TV to be smaller than this so had to rethink my original plans for the the new unit.

Anyway, this is a very rough idea of what I hope to make!! I have to get the plasterer in first to straighten the edges of the alcove as they are very wonky!
The units above and around the TV will be quite shallow - about 23cms including the door thickness and will be flush with the wall, and the lower ones will be 40cms deep. In the middle under the TV the unit will be divided in two (not shown in my doodle) so there'll be a draw down the bottom and on top a pull down door that will hide away all the gadgets - sky, ps2, wii etc....

I only hope I'll be able to make all this!!!

P.S - I just realised I started this blog a year ago today when I was planning to renovate kitchen and bathroom!! :-)

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