Sunday, 20 September 2009


Well, I'm still perfecting the plans for the living room TV unit. In the meantime I decided to go ahead and make a cabinet for the bathroom. I've been looking around to buy one but the ones that fit my requirements exactly are way too expensive and I didn't want to get one from Ikea either. So yesterday I whipped up a cabinet. Well it's not finished yet but it won't be long. Finally after all this time I think we're near to finishing the bathroom!!

Here is the structure, still missing one panel on the back and the doors. It's 100cm wide, 90cm high and 10cm deep (without the doors which will be mirrored).

My cat is modelling it for you!


amyoliver said...

Fantastic job Peta, it looks amazing. I guess it isn't going to have knobs to screw in??

Peta said...

Thanks AO!
Nope! No knobs, even if it means wiping finger prints of the mirrors everyday !! I still haven't replaced the mirror on the other cabinet and don't know if I'll ever get around to doing it.
I must drop by BE to see what you're all up to!