Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Not much going on....

1 This morning I sanded the doors on the built-in cupboards ready for painting, got out the paint tin, only to find it almost empty! Paint shop tomorrow!

2 Alessandro (the workman) called and confirmed that he and Stefano are definitely coming on the 3rd of June to start work. He's already changed the date twice in the past!

3 I still haven't decided which tiles to get!!

4 Kitchen lighting needs looking into. We are having 3 lights under the overhead cupboards. The ceiling will be dropped about 20cms (currently 3.05 m) to cover up some beams and will allow us to put in some downlights or whatever!

5 I need to go and look at some integrated fridges as the one that Raimondo (from the kitchen shop) suggested was way tooooo expensive. I think it'll be cheaper if we get it elsewhere.

6 Waiting anxiously for Sandro (from bathroom shop) to call and tell me that my orders have arrived.

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