Saturday, 10 May 2008


The current loo and matching bidet are of course brown! I think the previous owners chose brown as they weren't too keen on cleaning, I mean why else would you want a poop coloured toilet!! Ewh!!

Yet once again I drove the man, (Sandro) down at Valentini showroom, crazy. You don't just rush into these things do you? You lie and jump on a mattress before buying it, you try clothes on before buying them, so why shoudn't you go round the showroom and sit on all the toilets numerous times before buying one??

Seriously though, Sandro has been very helpful and patient with me! It's just that I know what I want and after living with the brown bathroom from hell for over 6 years, I'm not going to settle for any old loo! Oh, I can also be quite choosy and fussy too! :-D

Anyway, apart from being comfortable, one of the main things was that it had to be easy to clean with no hidden nooks and crannies - you see I share this house with 3 males, two of which are still learning to aim properly!! >:-(

Oh, and it has to be beautiful, yes toilets can be beautiful!

Well the toilet and matching bidet have already been chosen and ordered and are on their merry way to my house. They should arrive in just over a week!

In the end I went with the back to wall Link toilet and bidet from Flaminia.

What could be more easy to clean than these!!

Here's a little reminder of current loo! The white toilet seat was our addition! The original one was... wait for it.... brown and made of wood!!!

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