Tuesday, 27 May 2008


This morning I went to Sandro at Valentini showrooms and chose the tiles!!!

I don't know whether I feel relieved that I have finally chosen them or panic stricken thinking that I've chosen the wrong ones!! So, after all this here are the tiles that we're having... Comfort Living from Marca Corona .

Floor tiles - 45x45cm Olive. Wall tiles - 60x30cm Ivory. They are much nicer in the "flesh" (I hope). Here are the two colours shown separately

As for the kitchen he couldn't get me similar white tiles for such a low price so tomorrow I'm going back to IperCeramica and ordering them there.

I also ordered a new radiator for the bathroom.


Anonymous said...

I love the tiles you have picked for the bathroom. Very posh hotel of you, if I may say so! Have you decided what tiles will go on the side of the bath yet?

I might get you to design our new bathroom (the mint green one upstairs!!)

Peta said...

Would love to!! What's my budget??

I have decided on the tiles. I went against everyone's suggestions and will have the dark ones on the side of the bath too!! Square 45x45cm on the floor and 60x30cm horizontally on the walls. On the bath and behind the bath (under the window) 60x30 tiles with the "lines" on them as seen in the photos.

Hope I've done the right thing!!