Monday, 19 May 2008


I had to change my taps again so have just got back from the showroom. I think Sandro is beginning to think I like him! I'm always there!!

The taps for the sink and bidet are okay (from Zazzeri) and the bath tap panel thingy is okay too (from Fantini), it's the shower tap that I had to change. Seems that Fantini only do the square / rectangular panel one with the thermostatic tap. The normal tap is on a circular panel! Which to me seems rather stupid! So I now have ordered the shower tap from Zazzeri too, which after all this fussing around, I like the best!
Whilst I was there at the show room I also ordered some other boring stuff - various fixtures for attaching the sink, loo etc to the wall.

BTW this is the sink that we're having. Space Contract from Globo. Not sure of the dimensions of the one in the pic as they come in 80, 100, 120 and 140cms. Ours is the 100cm one. Originally I wanted a sink with drawers or a cupboard underneath. In the end I went for this sospended one and will maybe get a small unit on wheels to go under it if i need more storage.

You can also get 2 towel rails to attach at either side or a glass shelf. Thought the towels rails might be nice until i heard the price!! Each one cost €135, that's €270 just to hang your towels up!! The shelf was about €450, that's more than the sink!!!! This below is the 140cm version with the mega expensive shelf!


Anonymous said...

I love the sink!! Actually prefer it without the shelving below. You could always put a floating shelf under? Love it!! HEx

Peta said...

Thanks! I actually don't like the shelf either, I was interested in the towel rails, until i saw the price!
Peta xx