Thursday, 15 May 2008


Had a call from Raimondo (from kitchen shop) this afternoon. I can't have the range hood that I ordered. I'd chosen the one that is almost hidden and can be pulled out when needed, so all you'd see was a 4cm wide strip on the bottom of the cupboard. I'm having very tall (92cms) overhead cupboards and they don't seem to make the 88 cm door needed to go over the hood! So choices are, go with one that has the little flap that you open which would be cheaper (and uglier) or add on €305 for a completely hidden one.

Update - Raimondo called back and he'll give me the super range hood for "only" €150 more instead of €305. Yet once again the overall cost is growing!!

Anyway, here's the general layout of the kitchen.

And here it is showing where the windows and walls are. The top two shelves won't be as high as they are in the picture. LST is the dish washer (lavastoviglie).

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