Monday, 26 May 2008


First I went to IperCeramica where the tiles are quite cheap but there's not that much choice. I came away with 3 samples for the kitchen and one for the bathroom.

This white tile (without the roses!) costs €16.95 a metre IVA included but it isn't matt like i was originally looking for.

Here's my sample of it propped up in my kitchen next to a smaller matt tile.

Then I went to IdeaCeramica where there was a huuuge selection to choose from. But much more expensive! A similar tile to the one above, Esprit from Viva costs €40.50 plus IVA (20%).

So I'll most likely go for the cheaper one for the kitchen and splurge a bit on the bathroom! IdeaCeramica have this collection, Work from Sant'Agostino, big 60x30 tiles cost €37.00 + IVA. Another collection that I liked is Natural Trend, depending on the size of the tiles prizes go from €36 to €45 + IVA. Couldn't find them on the site but took a quick pic in the shop.

Last but not least from the "cheaper" shop there was this one for €17.95 including IVA. Not a great pic but you can see it has lines on it and is a bit darker in the "flesh". Have to talk to hubby and see how we're going with the budget!!

Here it is again in to see it in a different light.

So I'm a little bit closer to deciding. Any suggestions and opinions are more than welcome!!!

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