Saturday, 17 May 2008


I'm quite undecided when it comes to the tiles.

KITCHEN. I love all white kitchens. Seeing as the composite worktop is a mix of white and pale grey I'm thinking of having plain long white tiles with grey grout. But then again there are so many lovely coloured tiles out there to choose from.... I saw a gorgeous kitchen in the showroom, all white with huge shiney black tiles. Somehow I think my kitchen is too small to get away with black tiles!

BATHROOM. Once again an infinite choice of tiles out there... And once again I love all white bathrooms, they're so fresh and clean! Having just done our small bathroom with ivory wall and floor tiles I realise that I'd be a slave to an all white bathroom! So I'm thinking stone(?) coloured wall tiles and, wait for it... brown floor tiles! No, I'm not keeping the poop coloured tiles!! Anyway I still have to decide on the exact colours but I'd like a contrast.

We'll be having the side of the bath tiled as I really don't like bath panels (sorry to anyone who has them). Question is, do I tile the side of the bath the same colour as the walls or as the floor?
The colours in the pics below are random, just to give you an idea of what I mean. I think the floor colour on the bath side makes the floor seem bigger. I must go and get some samples and have a play with them!
I can't remember where I saved this pic from, but I love the colours! This brown has absolutely nothing to do with the brown in my current bathroom. Lovely bath, loo and sink too!

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Anonymous said...

Hey sis. Writing this again as it didn't work the first time... or so I think! White tiles with grey grout sounds nice. That was something we considered before we decided on the mosaics.
I love the brown tiles in that photo. I prefer the tiles on the side of the bath to be the same as the walls (especially if the floor is darkish). either would look good though! Aghh decisions!!!!