Friday, 16 May 2008


I probably could have called this blog "Unfinshed business".

Seems to be a habit of mine.... a bad one! Maybe admitting to this publicly I'll be shamed into finishing all the unfinished jobs...

1. The cabinet lighting in the new bathroom. All I have to do is buy them! The wires are already there waiting for me... Cabinet was put up after xmas!

2. The end of hall cupboard. It's missing a piece of wood on the top. I have to paint 5 of the sheves still. And I have to change the screws that hold the handles on, they're too long and the handles wobble! I made these over a year ago!

3. Built in cupboards in entrance/dining room and new door frame. I ripped out the old ones in November! I put the new frame and shelves up in December! It's all painted and in use but... it's missing the doors! Okay, I am working on this currently. I picked the mdf that I had cut to size on Wednesday! These are photos from December. It's not that unfinished!!

Shame on me! Promise to myself - will finish all 3 by next weekend!! Must find the charger for the digital camera.... and take some photos!

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Anonymous said...

you are a busy girl!! D