Thursday, 15 May 2008


Thanks D for helping me this morning!! I had a little dilemma with the Fantini taps that I'd chosen. I'd originally thought that the sink and bidet taps could have the lever on the them too (like the shower /bath wall mounted ones) but it wasn't possible. So I thought about having the sink taps wall mounted too. But the sink that I like has a pre punched tap hole! Aaaah!

So this morning I went first to Sandro at the bathroom shop and ordered the sink and different taps from Zazzeri for the sink and bidet. They are very similar to the Fantini ones but they DO have a nice big lever on them!! Then from another showroom I ordered the Fantini taps (the ones I'd fallen in love with) for the bath and the shower. Then I went to the kitchen showroom and chose the final touches - the sink, tap, the shelves, under cupboard lighting, the handles etc... All that's left now is to go and order the bathroom and kitchen tiles. Oh, and pay for it all!!!

So, here's the DaDa Mono sink tap from Zazzeri which I think goes well with the Nostromo ones from Fantini .

As for the kitchen I chose the Neptune sink. I loved the Laser one but it was almost three times as much!!! And I chose the Active tap also from Franke which has a groovy pull out shower thingy!

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Anonymous said...

Hey big sis, Love the tap you picked. So you decided on one that pulls out! You are inspiring me to redo our upstairs bathroom....will copy all your ideas!!! Love lil sis