Tuesday, 10 June 2008

DAY 10....

We're half way though day 10. Not much dust (so far). Phew!

Stefano has been working on the walls and Alessandro is installing this thingy (see below). It's the motor that will allow the outside blinds to open and close at the push of a button instead of pulling on a cord. Apart from obvious aesthetic reasons, there are also practical reasons why we're installing this - you'd have to climb in the bath to open the blinds!!!

You can see the "cord", or what ever it's actually called, to the right of the window.

The walls are starting to look like walls again!! By the end of today I think (hope) most of them will be done!


biba said...

Oooo posh blind! You got the best parts to come now :)


Peta said...

Only the best for moi! ;)

I can't wait for the tiling to begin, actually I can't wait for it to be all finished!!!


Biba said...

So looking forward to seeing the finished result! xx