Tuesday, 3 June 2008

DAY 4 CONT....

Day 4 started well but ended not so well!

In the afternoon we discovered a pipe under our tiles that belongs to the flat below! We kind of expected it to be there as when the flat above us was renovated they discovered one of our pipes under their tiles. Actually it isn't just any old pipe, it's the pipe that brings all the water into the house!!! This pipe is old and rusty and looks like it could break any second!! So we suggested to the people down below to change it and they agreed willingly (also to pay for any extras). This is what we did with the guy from above. Problem is that the guy from above's plumber only changed the pipe directly under his bathroom floor. There's also the part that bends and goes down into our wall, which he didn't change. We realised this now as to change our neighbours from below's pipe we'll have to also break into their ceiling!!!

Sorry to bore or confuse you, but what this means is about another day or two of work involving breaking neighbour's ceiling and trying to sort out our main water supply pipe which is hiding up in our other neighbours newly renovated bathroom! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


Anonymous said...

Wow Peta, that sure does sound confusing. We hope it all works with your neighbours!!! D

Peta said...

Yes, probably too confusing. I was cross when i wrote this post. We just have to sort out our neighbour's pipes!! More work and more time!!! >:(

Bobble said...

Sorry that it's so hard Peta. We had a similar problem (and a flood) because of our stupid builders interfering with our main cold water pipe which ran into a neighbours flat. Neighbours were not happy.

Today OH has blocked our loo - I am not happy.

Bobble x