Thursday, 26 June 2008

DAY 23....

Is it normal that one can get excited over the fact that the loo is attached AND it flushes? Probably not...

The bath tap was also installed today, as was the radiator/towel warmer.

Holes where drilled in my lovely dropped ceiling. Problem being the size of the holes - only 7.4cm diam. Workmen's hands were too big to get through to reach the wires so who ended up balancing on the ladder doing it? Moi!

The missing tiles were meant to arrive today or tomorrow but of course they are still sitting in the warehouse somewhere in Sassuolo (northern Italy). After many phone calls we managed to arrange for a delivery for Tuesday, which was the best they could do.

Today I also ordered the wood and mdf for the washing machine cupboard. I'm getting it all cut to size so it will be ready next week sometime. I'm going to wait until the bathroom is completely finished before I start on the bathroom cabinet as I'm still not sure how big I want it.

I'm not quite sure what will be going on tomorrow, maybe some tiling in the kitchen?!

p.s. 6 more sleeps.... :D


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to use your new toilet!! D Looks fantastic and very posh!!

Peta said...

Oh no! Guests will only be allowed to use the shower room!! ;D

Anonymous said...

Well I finally read through the last week or so of blog. I hadn't realised how much I had missed in such a short amount of time! Very busy at your place. Will try to look everyday from now on! Love everything so far. Can't wait to see the kitchen. What tiles did you end up choosing for kitchen walls?

Peta said...

Hey you!
The white gloss ones! They're going up tomorrow! Please sends pics of your painted kitchen asap!