Tuesday, 24 June 2008

DAY 21....

"The Gas Man! - part 1"

It was last Tuesday when I called Italgas who promised someone would come within the following 2 days. Nothing. So today I called again. Before getting put through to "operator 219", a recorded message told me that all calls are recorded for safety reasons. Fine with me. So after explaining it all to "219" sounding as desperate as I could, he asked me if I could smell gas. No. Then he asked again. No. Then he asked to talk to the one of the workmen. And what did he ask Alessandro? Could he smell gas! No! And again CAN YOU SMELL GAS? Only at this point did Alessandro understand what was going on and answered that yes there was a small gas leak. It seems that only in cases of gas leaks they can send someone around in such a short time and being a recorded conversation he couldn't say so. "Operator 219", wanting to help us out (it must have been my desperate voice!!) had been trying to suggest with an unseen "wink wink" to say there WAS a leak! In an hour we had the gasman in the flat!!

"The Gas Man! - part 2"

So finally he arrives. All he had to do was fix a stuck tap! To cut a long story short, he managed to take the tap off, fill our whole flat with gas, set the gas alarm off twice, muttering to himself the whole time about how on earth is he going to fix it etc.. and in the end Alessandro had to help him to fix it with a simple bolt. Scary to think that in real cases of emergency people would have to depend on him!!

Anyway, this morning Raimondo came around to check the kitchen. All seems okay except we have to move the gas pipe about 15 cms. No big problem, especially now that we can turn the gas off!! Delivery of my much awaited for kitchen has been confirmed for Wednesday the 24th am! The "worktop man" is coming over Wednesday afternoon to measure up and then back again three days later to install it!

Stefano has been working on the dropped ceiling....

And Alessandro has been grouting....

And I've been looking for lights....

These are just 2 types I saw at Ikea. Not exactly what I'm after though.


Anonymous said...

PMSL at the italian gas man and his 'can you smell gas' prompts. love it. Both bathroom and kitchen are looking fab - I bet you can't wait to be rid of them all!!

Peta said...

As nice as our 2 workmen are, I can't wait for them to leave and take all their tools and mess out of my living and dining rooms!
But it's all worth it, especially if I think back to what my bathroom looked like before!
Peta xx