Friday, 20 June 2008

DAY 18 CONT....

Well I thought alot more tiling was going to get done this afternoon but Stefano and the tiles weren't getting along. Quite a few tiles broke as he was cutting them to fit around the bath and the shower. Luckily we'll be able to use alot of the broken tiles in other places around the window and the door. Good thing about Stefano is that he's a perfectionist. The end result will be great! It looks finished in this pic but there's still the right hand side wall to do.

As for the kitchen, the walls are ready for tiling!! And you can now see the floor. Tomorrow they're going to hook up the cooker so we can at least make coffee in the morning! This morning I went out for coffee and cornettos. Tomorrow is Salvatore's turn! ;)

I also have to make a little cupboard to house our famous gas meter. So tomorrow I'll have to invent some way to do that! Was thinking of making a frame and having a panel instead of a door that would attach with magnetic strips!!???

BTW we now know that if it's not an emergency, you can't count on the gas man!! He never showed up!!


Bea said...

Peta, that's awful [gas man] but not really surprising! Just blame Berlusconi, you'll feel better!

Peta said...