Thursday, 19 June 2008

DAY 17....

Tiles on the bathroom floor are now grouted. Stefano had to do it twice as the first time he cleaned too much of the grout away leaving (what I thought was) a too deeper groove. So he redid it and now it looks better and I think it will be easier to clean. Am I too fussy!?!

Then he put the tiles on the wall behind the bath and now he's gone on lunch break!

Seeing as the gas man didn't show up we've decided to go ahead anyway. Before the kitchen units are installed he'll have to come and fix the gas tap but in the meantime Alessandro managed to move the external gas tap just by bending the pipes. Let's hope he knows what he's doing...

I now have scaffolding at eye level. Oh well, it'll give me something to look at when I was the dishes (or load my new dishwasher) when the kitchen is finally finished!!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully you will get some sexy italian builders on the scaffolding! ;-) Bathroom looks fab - are you tiling the side of the bath?

Peta said...

Uhmmm, not sure what hubby would think if I comment!! ;-)

This afternoon they blocked in the side of the bath and tomorrow it will be tiled!