Friday, 6 June 2008

DAY 7....

I can't believe it's already day 7!! I really don't know how you others survive full house renovations that go on and on for months or even years! This is about all I can handle!

I like to complain but really I'm enjoying the process, just not the noise and ALL the mess involved. The bathroom is off a little hall way (don't know if it qualifies as a hallway as it's only about 2m long!), as are our and the boys' bedrooms. As much as I clean up at the end of everyday and keep the bedroom doors closed there's always a layer of dust everywhere.

This morning the concealed cistern for the loo has been installed. I went with the cheaper one, the Valsir, as I have to contain the costs.... Here it is with all my new water pipes.

And here's a quick pic of the tap/door handle with a pen to show you how big it is!!!!!

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