Friday, 13 June 2008

DAY 13....

The only part of my plans for the bathroom that was really undefined was the corner cupboard for the washing machine.... The builders were just going to continue the existing wall up to the ceiling but weren't sure how to finish it off and make it look "nice". All their suggestions didn't convince me but I was told they were the only feasible solutions. Well after a sleepless night trying to work out how to do it I came up with a feasible and aesthetic solution!! It was hard enough explaining it to them, pointing and doing little sketches, that I'm not even going to try and write about it. But I will say that they are going to make the wall, tile and plaster it and I am going to make and fit the cupboard! I just hope that my carpentry skills live up to my expectations!!! In my head it's going to look fantastic... (fingers crossed again please!)

Here's the wall going up....

And the shower area has been water-proofed.... (that "stuff" smelt bad!!)

And the first layer of plaster went on....

In the meantime in the kitchen I got to work emptying all the overhead cupboards. Threw alot of stuff out too! Here's a pic of kitchen before (taken in 2003).

Then we took the cupboards down and moved the fridge into the living room right next to the sofa!

The tiles looked like they were just resting on the walls!! We managed to pull them off with our fingers!!

They were stuck on with blobs of what looks like flour and water paste!! At least it'll be easy to take the rest of them off on Monday!!

Tomorrow the workmen aren't coming around which is fine with me!! I have to do a million other things. 1 sleep in a little bit. 2 do lots of washing. 3 prepare Alex's bags (which means rush out to the shops and buy all the things on the list that I still haven't got! Bad mummy!) as on Sunday he's off camping for a week!! lots of other things.

Then on Monday at 8:15 my goodies are arriving! They were going to deliver them today but that would have meant having a bath, shower, loo, bidet etc sitting around the flat taking up our precious space!

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