Tuesday, 3 June 2008

DAY 4....

I'm glad to say that the last brown tile has gone!! This morning Stefano and Alessandro transformed the bathroom from this -

to this -

Even in this messy state it looks so much better without the tiles!!

All seems to be going great with bathroom. I went to the showroom this morning and my "goodies" are starting to arrive. Shower base, bath and taps are there already! The rest should be there by Friday at the latest Monday (even though I'm sure it will more like Wed or Thur which is fine anyway). Other good news is that the existing divider wall that was there before (the shower cubicle wall) can stay and will be part of my built in cupboards. We were afraid that once the tiles were taken off it wouldn't be strong, but it's very sturdy! So that's saving some time and money.

Am still playing around with different ideas for the tiles in the kitchen. One idea is to have these big tiles laid horizontally. I like it. The workman thinks it won't look good and it'll look like a bathroom floor! But hey, it's my kitchen not his! (fingers crossed....)

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