Monday, 23 June 2008

DAY 20....

The tiles are finished! The tiles, not the tiling! We need 13 more tiles. Hopefully they'll arrive on Thursday. In the meantime the left hand side can be grouted and the loo and shower enclosure can be installed.

Today in the kitchen the electric motor for the out side blind was put in. The beginnings of my gas meter cupboard can be seen below.

This hole was made in the kitchen wall near the gas meter as required by Italgas (not for spying on the workmen on the building next door...). Tomorrow we'll have to paint the area around the hole on the outside as big chunks of plaster fell off the wall whilst Alessandro was drilling. We are 3 floors up!! Luckily no one passed by below!

Tomorrow morning Raimondo, from the kitchen shop, is coming by to check on pipes and wiring, then if all is good, the kitchen will be delivered next Tuesday. So that gives Alessandro and Stefano a week to get the dropped ceiling in, the tiles done, the walls painted and whatever else needs doing done! I can't wait!!!

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