Sunday, 1 June 2008


Today's Sunday so no builders. Peace and quiet!

Yesterday I took down the Ikea shelves that were in the kitchen. Not wanting them in the new kitchen I went round the house seeing where i could use them. I also had 2 sets of Raan towel hooks and the old ceiling light, Nittio, from the bathroom (once again all from Ikea) to find homes for.
Well, they all ended up in my walk in hall cupboard, which has always been a mess as everything was just piled in there. Now I have a proper light in there, shelves on the wall so I can store light bulbs, sewing stuff, batteries, tools or what ever I want and lots of hooks so i can hang umbrellas, tennis rackets, shopping bags etc ... It's still a bit messy as I still have to organise it properly but I'm happy I was able to reuse these things!

It also means I have a good excuse to buy new bathroom accessories and light!!

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