Wednesday, 4 June 2008

DAY 5....

This morning was spent trying to find a solution for the pipe problem. It now seems to be under control. We still have to break the ceiling and wall in the bathroom down below. And as for our pipe that goes up, we'll just change the piece as far as we can go. Neighbour from above assured us that when they changed it the "bend" was in ok conditions. Let's hope he was right, otherwise we'll have to destroy his lovely new bathroom floor to fix any future leaks etc..

Here's a pretty pic of the offending pipes!

Stefano is now busy digging the "paths" in the cement where the new pipes will go. Drilled cement sure does make alot of noise and dust!!

P.S. Decided on the big white glossy (bathroom) tiles for the kitchen! Sending hubby to pick them up this weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Glad that mess is not at my place!! Will be great to start seeing the reconstruction of the bqthroom. D